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Urdu, is an Indo-Aryan language with about 104 million speakers, including those who speak it as a second language. It is the national language of Pakistan and is closely related to and mutually intelligible with Hindi, though a lot of Urdu vocabulary comes from Persian and Arabic, while Hindi contains more vocabulary from Sanskrit. Linguists consider Standard Urdu and Standard Hindi to be different formal registers both derived from the Khari Boli dialect, which is also known as Hindustani. At an informal spoken level there are few significant differences between Urdu and Hindi and they could be considered varieties a single language.

Every language lesson includes reading, writing, and speaking exercises, with courses for every skill level. Our language lessons will help you learn Urdu faster and build confidence to converse with native speakers.

We offer:

  • Basic Urdu (A complete course on the fundamentals of the Urdu language)

  • Intermediate Urdu (Take your Urdu skills to the next level by thoroughly practicing all skill areas)

  • Advanced Urdu (Study the advanced-features of the Urdu language as you move towards fluency)


Importance of Urdu Language:

Urdu is not just a language but it contains a rich history in its literature. By developing the skill of Urdu speaking, you can know about the culture and history of South Asia in general and sub-continent region in particular. Some major reasons why you should consult an Urdu teacher and start learning this language are:

  • It is the national language of Pakistan- a country which is known for its beauty and strategic importance
  • It is also spoken and understood by Pakistani and Indian communities residing in Europe, America and other parts of the world
  • It shares vocabulary with Arabic and Persian, it helps in learning both these languages as well
  • It shares the same writing style as Arabic and Persian thus by learning to read Urdu, one can read both these languages as well
  • Most of the Tafseers of Quran and other Islamic books are in Urdu language thus reading it can help understand Islam
  • Qawalies and Naats are very popular all over the world which can be another reason for Urdu learning.


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