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Iqratutoring is the world's leading online education company. Iqratutoring.com is part of Iqra Inc. which is based in San Diego, CA. USA. Our tutoring location are in different parts of the world. Our unique teaching process gives a chance to students and teachers to transform the classroom in a 1 to 1 setup and achieve the maximum result from the time spent in taking tuitions. And what’s most important – you are the master of your own time. The student can schedule his/her learning time on his own. We offer the highest caliber one on one tutoring of math, languages and science lessons at the lowest possible price. Online tutoring has been rapidly gaining popularity among students due to its ease of use, cost and its ability to provide an instant connection to a tutor just when a student needs help and is ready to learn. Iqratutoring personalized teaching methods ensure that students not only work on basic and advanced concepts but also meet their long and short time academic.

Besides online tutoring Iqratutoring also provides Test Prep Help, Homework Help, Supplemental Tutoring and Expert assistance before tests and exams.

Teachers on our panel

We have well qualified and the best teachers. They have undergone extensive training and are well equipped to foster the child’s confidence in the subject. The tutorial benefits all types of students regardless of their abilities. In a 1 to 1 class room the teacher and student has various tools to enhance their communications and expedite learning.


Our mission is to provide world-class tutoring and high-quality content to students around the world. Iqratutoring.com is the premier online destination for affordable education - anytime, anywhere and in any subject. Students can access our service from the convenience of their home or school. They use our comprehensive and thorough lessons and question bank to master any subject and have access to a live tutor around the clock. Iqratutoring helps students excel in school and in competitive examinations.



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USA: 916-222-2860
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AUS:  02-8003-5306


          Tutoring Features


     - Homework Help and Test
     - 1 to 1 online classes, 24/7
     - Detailed Assessment Tests
     - Easy-to-follow methodology
     - On demand class timings
     - Qualified and trained tutors
     - An interactive way to learn


          Our Mission


* Influence learning atmosphere

* To equip students for future

* To create memorable benefits

* To offer you all that we have

* Prepare you for success in life

* Touch a child's heart & you will be remembered, touch a child's mind and you will be venerated


         Why Select us


With parents busy schedules of and fast life, parents are unable to cope with their kids homework & focus on particular core subject. Our programs are designed for convenient and effective tutoring to suit every student. While motivating the students for success, our tutors express words of appreciation for laurels won and achievements attained. Our tutors undergo seminars and presentations to become better tutors and individuals.



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